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Decline in Nigeria reading culture since mid 80`s till now is a worrisome situation; that speculation is high in a near future, Nigeria polity may completely lose consciousness in reading especially in discovery and re-discovery of new knowledge and in production of quality human resources (capital), which are essential requirement for surviving in present world of fast growing knowledge economy. Respondingly, President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan , on the 20th of Dec., 2010 launched an initiative “ Bring Back the Book”(BBB), aimed at revitalizing and restoring reading culture and to make reading materials available, reachable, and accessible to Nigerians. Owing to this, a lot of criticisms arose, querying the neglect of place of libraries, and librarians as the resource person(s). Therefore, this paper is aimed at reviewing the reasons why the initiative -BBB should be promoted and sustained. The importance of reading, the roles of libraries and librarians in promotion of reading and literacy, the challenges of the libraries in the campaign and solutions were also discussed.



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