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Through the past two decades, Human Computer Interactions emerged as a focal area of computer science research and development. Human Computer Interaction is about designing computer systems that support people so that they can carry out their activities productively and safely. And this has a role in playing in the design and development of all kinds of system. Although advances in technology tend to drive advances in field, technology needs to be usable as well as functional. According to Terry Winogard (1990)” Except for special things like computer games, people don’t use computer because they want to use computer, they use computer because they want to write papers, they want to communicate with people, and they want to design bridges and so on. Whatever they are doing, the computer is an enabling device that can help them to do it”. Designing interactive computer systems to be effective, efficient, easy and enjoyable to use is important, so that people and society may realize the benefit of computation-based devices.