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Winter 12-30-2012


This paper examines the use of Dublin Core as a minimum metadata standard for Open Archives Initiative Protocol for Metadata Harvesting in terms of its impact on end user experience in the OAIster repository. Specifically the study looked at the use of controlled vocabulary searches versus non-controlled vocabulary searches, as well as the impact of Dublin Core on the granularity and consistency records. Searches were performed in OAIster using Library of Congress Subject Headings and Name Authority Files, as well as non-controlled vocabulary searches for the same terms. The study concluded that controlled vocabulary searches are good for retrieving relevant results, but non-controlled vocabulary searches can retrieve more relevant results, at the cost of large numbers of non-relevant results also being returned. The openness of Dublin Core does lead to problems of granularity and consistency, but some records indicate the potential of Dublin Core for providing very useful records. The study concludes that institutions should give serious consideration to user experience and repository display before converting records to Dublin Core for harvesting.