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The findings of this paper are part of the doctoral research carried out by the author


Physical Research Laboratory (PRL) is an institute of national repute and is being funded by Department of Space (Government of India). However, a bibliometric study measuring its research output has not been carried out yet. The present study is a step in that direction and tries to find the publication pattern of research carried out in the institute. The period covered is 1997 to 2006. The study aims to quantify the publication output of researchers at the institute, to study the productivity of scientists in PRL and to determine whether it conforms to the Lotka’s Law. It tries to discern the authorship and collaboration pattern in journals as well as the conference proceedings. It also tries to find the preferred mode of publication of PRL scientists.

The record of papers - published in journals and conference proceedings - and invited talks delivered have been used to study the publication pattern. The source for this data is the Annual Reports of the institute for the period of 1997-2006.

The study found that multiple authored and double authored papers are on the rise in PRL. Comparing the data of collaborative papers in journals and conference proceedings, international collaboration is higher in journals than in conference proceedings. The journals most preferred by PRL scientists for publication are Physical Review A followed by Current Science and Physical Review D during 1997-2006. The study also found that Prof. G. S. Agarwal, was the most prolific author followed by Prof. A. K. Singhvi and Prof Utpal Sarkar as regards publications in journals.