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Spring 2-23-2013


Purpose – The purpose of this paper is to compare Pakistani LIS schools curricula with Higher Education Commission designed curriculum for LIS schools in Pakistan. The paper identified the most common course titles and the most unique course titles taught in Pakistani LIS schools.

Design/methodology/approach – The author requested to the responsible focal persons of the LIS schools in Pakistan through personal phone calls and emails and collects the data through email and personal visits of LIS schools. Findings–The paper finds gaps of LIS schools curricula’s, most common course titles and the most unique titles.

Practical implications–The paper helps in the design of LIS schools curricula according to the market needs. It also enables the higher authorities to know their LIS schools status on the world level. It helps in the LIS schools accreditation at International level.

Originality/value – The study shows level of LIS schools with the help of course titles they offered. It is the first comprehensive study and based on pure research.

Keywords – Curriculum, LIS Schools Curricula, LIS Education in Pakistan, Development of Education, Uniformity of LIS Education

Paper type – Research paper