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Education is a key element in progress and change. This paper discusses the education practices and librarianship development in Pakistan in historical, present and future perspectives. Pakistan has been struggling to develop an all-encompassing identity since the founding of the state in 1947. The literature shows that education in Pakistan at all levels is characterised by low quality since independence; the contributing factors are limitation of financial resources, poor appreciation of the education priorities; inadequate delivery system and population pressure have never allowed a full expression of the desired change. The other causes include poorly equipped educational institutions, lack of organised library services and lack of devotion on the part of teachers and library professionals etc. Policy makers have not yet studied seriously the actual demands from educational institutions, while some institutions carry on supplying mere degree holders with no destination ahead. There is little correlation between supply and demand. The study suggests a need to create a literate, innovative and creatively self-reliant generation whose productivity and skills after formal education would form an asset in the well being of society and country. All this calls for the reconsideration of the precedence within the education and librarianship system. Higher Education Commission has played a considerable role for the up-gradation of education and research in the country keeping in consideration of the demands of modem era. Pakistan needs to bring its educational policies and programmes well matched to demands of the intellect of people and contemporary trends all over the globe having considered its history and culture.



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