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Literature Review enables us to gain a comprehensive overview and summary of the available information on a particular topic. Literature reviews are generally more useful to all practitioners than any one individual piece of research because they allow one piece of research to be viewed within the wider context of others. We see in this article how and why literature reviews are such an essential tool for every researcher. The reasons of undertaking a literature review is also been introduced. Emphasis has been placed on the literature review of library resources, services and information seeking behavior w.r.t ICT environment. This literature review article helps to library, information science and behavioural science professionals. We have also discussed in this article about different approaches of literature review and how this review helps for researchers.

The literature on information seeking behavior has been, and remains, a hot topic for research within various disciplines, but has been limited to review in this article to the field of library and information science, which is where many of the key articles are to be found.



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