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A Proposed Web 2.0-Based Library Services

David A. Cabonero, Saint Mary's University - Phillipines

Document Type Article


Web 2.0 offers a great deal of opportunities to library and information centers. With its challenging role, the delivery of teaching-learning and library services can be leveled up to cater the extreme demands and changing needs of the young generations. Thus, the gradual progress of a library and information center is largely based on the IT-based advocacies and innovations by the library manager.

Using the descriptive method of research, the study was carried out to determine the extent of awareness and utilization of Web 2.0 among college students and faculty of Asia Pacific College. Moreover, the study dealt on possible significant difference between the students and faculty in terms of utilization of the Web. Thus, Web 2.0-based library services were proposed as a result of the study.

Among the Web 2.0 technologies, both students and faculty are mostly aware of the Facebook, Youtube, Yahoo Messenger and Moodle. Results also showed that they significantly differ in extent of awareness and utilization of social networking sites, streaming media, instant messaging, and learning management system.