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Summer 4-1-2013

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Bibliometric is an emerging thrust area of research and has now become a well established part of information research and a quantitative approach to the description of documents. Bibliometric has grown out of the realization that literature is growing and changing out of a rate with which no librarian or information worker equipped with traditional bibliographic skills and methods could keep abreast. The present study shows that journals are most cited form of communication amongst the library and information scientists and the source journal is the most cited publication.

IFLA Journal is one of the premier official journals of the International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions. It is brought out by Sage publications. It has just completed 37 years of its publication. The study aims to present a bibliometric analysis on the various aspects of the Journal, such as its distribution of article by year, authorship patterns, distribution of contributions by institution, subject distributions, citation patterns, length of article, rank of cited authors, and geographical distributions of authors.