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The study examined the internet access and use among undergraduate students of Bowen University Iwo, Osun state, Nigeria. Descriptive survey research design was used. The population comprises of 4,800 undergraduate students out of which 300 students were randomly selected from various faculties, 298 questionnaires were correctly filled and analyzed. The result of the findings shows that all respondents access and used the internet. Major access was through their mobile phones with 52.7%, only 6.4 accessed through University Digital centre while none from the library. Respondent used internet daily with 68.9%, 41.6% used internet between 7-9 hours a week and experience on internet use shows that 38.6 % have been using the internet since 5 years and above. The main purpose of use is academic with the highest mean score of 3.40. Also, undergraduate use of internet for various academic activities shows that they used internet mainly for searching information on assignment with highest mean score of 3.60. Two hundred and sixty-five (88.9%) of the respondents agreed that access to information is now easy with the internet, while 81.6% agreed that internet has positive impact on their academic work. The major constraint identified includes non availability of internet connectivity around the campus, slow internet connectivity and downloading and constant breaking down of internet services on campus. The study concludes that internet use can contribute positively to students’ academic performance, it was recommendation was made that adequate facilities should be put in place by University Management to enable students access the internet.