Libraries at University of Nebraska-Lincoln


Date of this Version

Summer 6-12-2013


This study is an investigation of use of library resources, user’s satisfaction on library resources & services and information seeking behaviors of the students and research scholars of Tezpur University. 200 questionnaires were distributed among students and research scholars of Tezpur University to collect relevant data. 79.5 %( 159) library users responded where 32 .07 %( 51) respondents visited Central library, Tezpur University everyday for borrowing library books. It is found that 82.39%(131 ) users borrowed text books,(79.87%)(127) consulted journals and 75.47%(120) read News papers to meet their information needs. Library is playing vital role to meet multidimensional demands of students, and research scholar for information and knowledge. It is felt that user guidance is necessary to help library users to meet their information needs and make users aware of the available library resources and services.