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Spring 7-9-2013

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The purpose of this study is to investigate the use and user satisfaction on Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC) services at Tezpur University. This study attempted to investigate the frequency, purpose of use and to find out the problems faced by the B.Tech students while using OPAC. Attempt also made to investigate user’s awareness about the benefit of OPAC service. The final result revealed that 51.03 %( 199) respondents used OPAC everyday to locate document on shelves. Lack of skills to use OPAC independently, lack of awareness about OPAC and lack of proper guidance to use OPAC were the major problem faced by the users while using OPAC. It is observed that of 76.67 %( 299) respondents were aware that OPAC help borrowers to locate document by author, title or by subject on the shelves. It is also observed that 72.05 %( 281) respondents aware that it help easy search different categories of documents such as book, thesis, report, back vol. etc. by changing the types of document categories. Finding revealed that satisfaction level of B.Tech students of school of engineering were quite encouraging and they were very much satisfied with the performance and quality of OPAC services.