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The study examimed effective management as the basic and indispensable condition that must be met for enhanced productivity in any organisations with specific reference to public libraries in Niger State, Nigeria. Survey research design was used for the study . Total enumeration technique was used to cover all the 77 librarians that were found in the five public libraries in Niger State used for the study. The libraries used for the study are those located in: Minna, Kotangora, Bida, Lapai and New Bussa. The data gathered were analysed with simple descriptive statistics of frequency counts and percentages. Part of the findings of the study revealed that management promoted effectiveness in service delivery as indicated by 57 (91.7%) respondents ;and that management impacted positively on the productivity of librarians as indicated by 55 (88.7%) respondents . it was concluded that management exerted great influence on the productivity of librarians in all the libraries sampled and that effective communication strongly influenced efficient management which consequently influenced librarians productivity. It was recommended amongst other things that efficient management must be provided; vertical and horizontal communication strengthened; and government should give enough budgetary allocation to all the libraries sampled.