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The Love Library print reference collection provides access to information essential to the instructional, research, and service programs of the University community. It integrates with the library electronic reference collection and operates according to principles stated in the University Libraries Reference Collection Development Policy. As a result it primarily contains items preferred in print because of cost, availability, use patterns, ease of use, archival needs, completeness, need for official text, need for cumulative data, delays in the publication of electronic versions, or instability of online sources. The Love Library print reference collection offers general reference materials and supports the curricula and research needs of the humanities, social sciences, fine and performing arts, sciences. The needs of Interlibrary Loan, library administration, and other library units are also considered. The level of the collection reflects the Love Library general circulating collection. Only basic materials are provided for those subject areas heavily supported by another branch library: music, architecture, interior design, mathematics, engineering, agriculture, natural resources, human sciences, food science, communication disorders, special education, geology, and law. The library attempts to maintain a number and level of works consistent with student and faculty needs. Comprehensiveness is the goal in only limited areas. Works are primarily in English and appropriate for an academic audience. They cover the full spectrum of chronology and geography and reflect the diversity of cultures, societies, and people.