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Issued February 28, 2018.

Updated July 16, 2018.

Revised June 2019.


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The University of Nebraska–Lincoln Libraries offers several avenues for preserving and providing access to digital and physical research materials. This document outlines the four main avenues for depositing materials with UNL Libraries. Although there are separate repositories with specific missions—Archives & Special Collections, DigitalCommons@University of Nebraska–Lincoln, UNL Data Repository, and UNL Image & Multimedia Collections—all work together toward the goal of preserving the intellectual and creative output of the university and to make our contributions discoverable to state, national, and international communities. This document describes the operations of each repository. The Libraries policy is to publish, or provide online access to, materials (1) when the Libraries holds copyright, (2) when the copyright holder has granted the Libraries permission for online publication, or (3) when the Libraries do not hold copyright but may manage access behind a firewall.

The University Libraries is committed to preserving and providing access to the full range of in-tellectual contributions of the faculty and staff at UNL for the benefit of current and future gen-erations. All members of the University of Nebraska–Lincoln are encouraged to deposit content with UNL Libraries. Materials deposited in our institutional repositories are historical and not all historical events confirm to current standards of civility. As such, they may contain racial or sexual stereotypes that are inappropriate by today’s standards. They have been retained in order to fully represent the materials in their original context.

All members of the University of Nebraska–Lincoln are encouraged to deposit content with UNL Libraries. Content can be nondigital items supplied to Archives & Special Collections or digital content deposited in the Data, Image & Multimedia Collections, Digital Commons repositories, or University Archives.

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