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Tunink, Greg; Dalziel, Karin; Dussault, Jessica; Rau, Emily J. (2017). "Annotonia: Annotations from Browser to TEI," Digital Humanities 2017.


Published originally as a short paper at DH2017 under the CC-BY 4.0 license:


The Willa Cather Archive (WCA) at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln (UNL) is currently working on transcription and annotation of 1500 letters to be released in 2018. As editors will write several thousand annotations, the workflow logistics are complicated. Annotonia1 is a solution developed within the Center for Digital Research in Humanities (CDRH) that allows editors to write annotations directly on letters in a browser and insert those annotations into Text Encoding Initiative (TEI) XML files. Multiple editors review annotations, track letters’ annotation statuses, and generate a new TEI file incorporating the annotations, avoiding having to manually edit each file. Annotonia utilizes both pre-existing, customized open source software and new software developed for this project. This paper describes the difficulties faced, the workflow of Annotonia, and its prospects for future annotation work.