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Collection includes art from the Lentz Collection.

Abacus; Amulet box (Gau); Amulet container; Amulet container (Gau); Amulet container on a silver chain; Anklungs; Ao-Kutani five lobed dish; Bag (Ga); Bag with strap (Khezi); Banko nodder - monkey figure; Banko nodder - Seated child; Belt of metal and fabric; Belt with coral and turquoise stone overlay; Bhutanese man's silk robe (Gho); Bizen jar Balck Raku ware tea bowl, Shugakuin, Showa; Bizenware jar; Black Glazed Raku Tea Bowl; Black silk robe (Haori); Black Sumida mug with female figure.; Black tapestry pillow cover; Black Yixing-style teapot; Blackwater river tribal mask; Blue and red pillow cover; Blue and white ceramic beaker; Blue and white dish; Blue and white koro with lid; Blue and white plate; Blue and white porcelain arita teapot; Blue and white porcelain canteen; Blue and white porcelain plate; Blue and white porcelain vase; Blue glazed jar; Blue plate; Blue tapestry pillow cover; Boar tooth amulet; Book: "Selective Bird & Flower Paintings from the Palace Museum"; Book: Ming and Qing Paintings & Calligraphic Works on Folding Fans; Bowl decorated with running horses and bats; Bowl with celadon glaze; Bowl with lid; Bowl with white glaze; Box designed as a crab; Boy's samurai sword; Brass amulet container; Broad bowl; Bronze Buddha seated on the sacred lotus; Bronze figure of seated Guanyin; Bronze figure of standing Shiva; Bronze figurine of Ganesha; Bronze seated deity; Bronze statue of seated Buddha; Bronze vase; Brown geometric designs painted on fibrous material; Brown hagi raku bowl; Brown jar with speckled glaze; Brown sash (kaku obi) with black stripes; Bud vase: Kutani Globular; Buddhist Priest kesa robe; Burial jar with brown glaze; Calligraphy; Cambodian bronze standing figure; Carrying bag (Bhindi or bundri); Carved Cinnabar Vase; Carved white jade oval decorative piece; Carving of Bedawang; Cast bronze Buddha head; Cast iron figurine of Kwan Yin; Cast iron teapot; Celadon bowl; Celadon bowl with lid and underplate.; Celadon goblet; Celadon jar with lid; Celedon Vase with Ginko Leaf Design; Ceramic hand warmer; Ceramic: Holemouth; Charm Pendant on Ornamental Chain; Chinese silk skirt; Chinese woman's costume of coat, pants and shoes.; Chung dZhi; Circular cloisonne container with cover; Circular container with lid; Cloisonne fish bowl; Cloisonne tree bark lacquer vase; Cloisonne vase; Color etching: "Forest B"; Color etching: "Wave"; Copper-red glazed pear-shaped vase; Copy of T'ang Dynasty picture: Seated Musicians; Coral colored raku tea bowl; Covered jar with four loop handles; Cream colored Hagi tea bowl; Dark blue wall hanging; Decorative bowl; Decorative plate (Wuchai); Deep bowl with fluted rim; Dress; Drum (Gendang rebana); Earthenware camel with Sancai glaze; Earthenware figure of standing man; Earthenware horse and warrior with drawn sword; Earthenware Lokapala; Embossed copper sheet; Embroidered panels of birds; Embroidered silk and leather shoes for bound feet.; Embroidered silk panel; Embroidered silk skirt; Embroidered silk wall hanging; Embroidered wedding coat with accessories; Famille noir gourd-shaped vase; Fan painting with calligraphy; Figure of Kubera; Figure of Palden Lhamo; Figure of Sitatara; Figurine of a seated deity; Figurine of Kuan-Yin; Five piece crown; Flag of the Qing dynasty (Yellow Dragon Flag); Flatweave bag (Chuval): Yomud Turkoman; Flatweave Rug with Brocaded Areas: Yomud Kilim; Flute; Flute (Been or Punji); Folio - Paintings by Madam Chiang Kai-shek; Four color mezzotint: 'A Small Tent'; Girl's shoulder ornaments; Glazed jar; Glazed stoneware dish; Glazed stoneware pitcher; Glazed stoneware sake bottle; Granite carving: "Meditation"; Green celadon bowl with red crackle; Grey tea bowl; Han Dynasty watch tower; Hand mirror in jade and silver; Harp (Saung Kauk); Heavy silk man's pants with woven stripe design (Hakama); Heavy silk pants of black and red/brown stripes. (Hakama); Hexagonal amulet container; Hina doll set; Iga ware bottle; Imari Bowl; Imari charger; Imari gourd shaped vase; Imari lacquer bowl; Imari plate; Imari Style Bowl; Imperial Yellow Glass Bowl with Carved Animal Figures; Incense burner with three legs.; Ink drawing "Serving Tea"; Ink drawing: Chinese scholar with crane; Ink Painting "Two Camels at Changshan"; Inkwell in monochromatic turquoise glaze; Ivory cup with metal interior; Jacket (Haori) of black silk gauze with family crest; Jacket in modified Manchu style; Jade and crystal necklace; Jade brushwasher with crab and lotus; Jade carving of multiple Chinese symbols; Jade winepot and cover (Chiu-hu); Japanese kesa; Jewelry bead; Junyao bubble bowl; Kakiemon white arita bowl with flowers; Karatsu bowl; Karatsu light grey bowl; Kashmiri shawl; Kesi weaving; Kimono with white butterflies; Koryo period bowl; Kuan Yin carved in amber; Kutani pitcher with lid.; Lacquer bowl; Lacquer box with lid; Lacquer covered circular container (Kogo); Lacquer wine pot; Lacquered trays; Large celadon dish; Large Imari plate; Large pottery planter; Large stoneware bowl with splashed brown glaze.; Late Shigaraki pinched bottle; Late Sumida pitcher.; Lidded porcelain jar; Lightweight man's grey silk kimono; Long necked bottle; Lute (Sehtar); Mah Jongg set; Man's black-brown kimono made of silk 'tsumugi' or pongee; Man's brown silk jacket (Haori) with striped silk lining; Man's ornamental hairpin; Man's shoulder cloth (Kabney); Man's silk crepe summer kimono in blue-black color; Man's traditional garment (gho); Mandala: The Buddha Vairocana; Mandarin square with duck; Mandarin square with gold pheasant; Mandarin square with pheasant; Mandarin square with silver pheasant; Memorial tablet on tortoise; Mezzotint: '8:07 Watch'; Miao woman's jacket; Minangkabau two-string fiddle and bow; Mingei ware sake bottle; Miniature libation cup; Miniature opera mask; Miniature Yi ceremonial dish set; Mishima narrow-necked vase with celadon glaze; Model of traditonal Japanese house; Momoyama ware bottle; Mouth Organ (Khene); Mud figure - Immortal Li Tieh-Kui Riuan Yin Arita; Mud Figure - lame beggar with begging bowl.; Necklace of amber, turquoise, coral, and silver.; Necklace of carved wood and orange glass beads.; Necklace of dZhi and coral; Necklace of metal and gemstones.; Necklace with dZhi and coral; Necklace with dZhi, coral, and turquoise; Nephrite jade bowl; Nephrite jade box with lid; Nephrite jade brush washer; Nephrite jade buckle; Nephrite jade Garuda; Noh drama mask; Oboe (Shenai); Oboe (Suona); Off-white tea bowl with gold trim. (Set of three with teapot); Old Hahm rush basket; Old scroll with painted scene of flowers and plants; Old scroll with panel of embroidered birds on branches; Oribe sake bottle with straw color glaze; Oval amulet container; Painted earthenware equestrian soldier; Painted pottery bowl with foot stem; Painting "Branch with Blossoms"; Painting "Dew Filling Up in Blue Mountain"; Painting "Picture of Singing Birds"; Painting "Playing of Old Tsin Near the Tall Waterfall"; Painting "Song of Morning"; Painting "Two Birds Flying Out of a Flowering Tree"; Painting of "Yi Women Harvesting in Preparation of Moon Festival"; Painting of garden on silk; Painting of lotus flowers and Mandarin ducks; Painting: "Spring Thought at Honan"; Painting: Blue Bird on a Rock; Painting: Lotus; Pair of ancestor portraits; Pair of bamboo brush holders; Pair of blue and white ginger jars with lids; Pair of blue and white vases; Pair of brass goblets; Pair of carved and painted lacquer vases.; Pair of cloisonne vases in antique style; Pair of framed silk panels; Pair of metal vases; Pair of Peking glass vases; Pair of porcelain marriage lanterns; Pair of porcelain vases; Pair of Satsuma pottery vases; Pair of silk panels; Pair of silver cuff bracelets; Pair of silver metallic embroideries; Pair of Sumida mugs with figures; Pale celadon vase; Paper cut picture of bird among flowers; Partial red silk sari; Patchwork robe; Peking glass bowl; Peking glass bowl in blue and white; Peking glass ginger jar; Persian Kashan Rug; Photograph: "Ascending Dragon"; Photograph: "History is Here"; Photograph: Boy and Dove; Photograph: Ifugao Sisters; Picture - "Autumn Mountains"; Picture: "Going to Kunlung Mountain for Thousand Miles in Snow; Pigeon blood lacquer vase; Pile Carpet: Yomud Turkoman; Pile Rug: Caucasian; Pile Rug: Isfahan; Pile Rug: Sarouk; Pile Rug: Senna Kurd; Pile rug: Tabriz; Pile Rug: Tent door flap (Purdah); Pillow cover in black and silver; Pitcher Balck Raku ware tea bowl, Shugakuin, Showa; Pitcher decorated with lotus design.; Plate with crackle glaze; Plum blossom vase (Meiping); Polychrome Imari Bowl; Poncho or tunic with swastika 'good luck' design; Porcelain bowl; Porcelain brush tray; Porcelain fluted cup and saucer; Porcelain Imari cup; Porcelain plate; Porcelain Plate - "A Thousand Butterflies"; Porcelain teapot with immortals, birds & animals; Porcelain vase; Porcelain vase with eight Immortals; Porcelain vase with incised and molded decorations; Porcelain vase with Sang de Boeuf glaze; Porcelain writer's bottle; Portable reliquary (Gau); Pot with cover Balck Raku ware tea bowl, Shugakuin, Showa; Prayer wheel drum; Press-molded and painted pottery figure; Print : "Beiling"; Print :"Mount Fuji from the mountains of Totomi"; Print :"Pleasure District at Senju"; Print :"Senju_Musachi province"; Print :"Sketch of the Mitsui shop in Suruga street in Edo"; Print of geisha with young girls and escort; Print: "Actor in Costume"; Print: "Actor"; Print: "Aftertaste of the Tale of Genji, Number Fifty"; Print: "Chiisana Hanga" (Small Print); Print: "Crow"; Print: "Evening Curfew at Mii Temple"; Print: "Figure in Landscape"; Print: "Hanagi of the Ohiya"; Print: "Kataru" (Speak); Print: "Kosame furu Yflmei-mon" (Soft Rain at Yomeimon (Gate)); Print: "Landscape with Castle"; Print: "Lyric Kyoto (3)"; Print: "Mori No. 1" (Forest No. 1); Print: "Mori No. 8" (Forest No. 8); Print: "Okuirise A"; Print: "Priest in Snow" ("Snow at Tsukahara in Sado Province"); Print: "Princess Teru Disguised to O'hagi of Hitachi"; Print: "Scene in a Play"; Print: "Still Life (#2)"; Print: "Tranquil Rain"; Print: "White Rooster"; Print: "Woman and Child"; Print: "Yoshida at Tokaido"; Print: 'Form A'; Print: 'Gappo Beach'; Print: 'Masks #3'; Print: 'Offering'; Print: 'Pine, Bird and Fish'; Print: 'Rabbits and Maple Tree'; Print: 'Reclining Figure'; Print: 'Seated Figure'; Print: 'Ships at Rest'; Print: 'Snow' (Two Tombstones); Print: 'Spring Beauty'; Print: 'Two Figures'; Print: A Japanese Beauty; Print: A Lady of Tokugawa Presenting Wine; Print: A Noh Actor Receives his Mask; Print: Actor Ichikawa Ebizo in the role of Takemura Sadanoshin; Print: Actor Ichikawa Omezu as a Kabuki character; Print: Based on "Takigawa of the Ogiya Green House"; Print: Boating Under Cherry Blossoms; Print: Cherry Blossom Viewing; Print: Composing Poetry; Print: Evening Cool in Fukiage; Print: Excited Dogs; Print: Family engaged in textile production activities; Print: Fire at Chiyoda Castle; Print: Flower Arrangement in Tea Ceremony; Print: Flower Seller; Print: Framed triptych of legendary Japanese battle scene; Print: Frowning, Roman-nosed Woman; Print: Gathering the Beans Thrown on the Last Day of Winter; Print: Geisha from the series "Three Amusements of Contemporary Beauties; Print: Hair Styling; Print: Heron Maiden (Sagimusume); Print: Jami Masjid, India; Print: Landscape with figures; Print: Male figure, possibly Kabuki Actor; Print: Night Cherry Blossom Viewing in the Garden; Print: Pet Dog; Print: Playing Koto; Print: Playing the Card Game (Karuta); Print: Practicing Pole Sword; Print: River boat; Print: Serving Spiced Rice Wine; Print: Ship sailing through river marshes; Print: Ships sailing in a harbor; Print: Shokei Palace Interior; Print: Smiling Beauty; Print: South Wind at Clear Dawn (Gaifu Kaisei); Print: Teahouse in the Countryside; Print: Teahouse in the Maple Garden; Print: Two Actors; Print: Untitled landscape; Print: Viewing the Iris in Bloom; Print: Woman and child listening to music; Print: Woman in blue kimono; Print: Woman on a Boat; Print: Woman smoking a pipe; Print: Woman with fans; Print: Woman with her hand raised to her face; Purse (Pocket from Court Robe); Qianlong wooden table screen; Quartz chop (seal) in wooden case; Red and white Peking glass bowl; Red silk pleated skirt with embroidery; Reliquary (Chorten); Ridged vase with character on bottom; Ritual bell (Zhong); Ritual bone apron; Ritual bronze mirror; Ritual butter lamp (Cho-Kung); Ritual dagger (Phurbu); Ritual Hand Drum (Dameru); Ritual libation vessel (Kalasa); Ritual trumpet (Dhan-Dun); Ritual trumpet (Kang-Dun); Ritual trumpet (Rag Dhun); Ritual trumpet (Zans-Dun); Ritual Vessel (Xian or Hsien); Ritual vessel - Jue; Ritual wine goblet (Gu); Ritual wine vessel (Hu); Rosewood jewel casket; Round cinnabar container; Rug; Saddlebags: Tekke Turkoman; Sake bowl with gold interior; Sake pot; Samurai sword remounted; Sari; Sash; Sash (obi) with drums and flutes; Sash (obi) with flowers, wheels, scrolls, fence, book, pine trees; Sash (obi) with Kirin, Fu-Lions; Satsuma bowl with Tokugawa crest; Satsuma charger with samurai warriors; Satsuma cup and saucer; Satsuma fish shaped platter; Satsuma saucer; Satsuma vase; Satsuma vase decorated with various people.; Satsuma vase depicting women in a garden; Satsuma vase with figures in rondels; Scarf (Bura); Scarf (Rachu); Scroll painting: "100 Birds" (Cranes); Scroll painting: "100 Birds" (Ducks); Scroll painting: "100 Birds" (Finch); Scroll painting: "100 Birds" (Peacock); Scroll painting: "100 Birds" (Pheasant); Scroll painting: "100 Birds" (Phoenix); Scroll painting: "100 Birds" (Quail); Scroll painting: "100 Birds" (Rooster); Scroll painting: "Autumn"; Scroll painting: "Flower and Bee"; Scroll painting: "Spring"; Scroll painting: Landscape; Scroll: 'Bamboo'; Scroll: 'The Reading of Ten-Thousand Books"; Scroll: Calligraphy; Scroll: Chinese Buddhist calligraphy; Scroll: Euro-Asian history; Scroll: Print of "Kataoki-shi" (Dye and Pattern Workers); Seated female figurine; Seated Guanyin in position of ease.; Serigraph: "Work"; Serving tray; Set of 3 nested lacquer sake bowls; Set of Tabla (drums); Seto sake bottle; Shawl; Sheng - Wind Instrument; Shigaraki turquoise bottle; Shigaraku vase; Silk kesi panel; Silk pleated skirt; Silk Scarf; Silk scarf with gold designs; Silk velvet wall hanging; Silver alloy amulet container; Silver belt; Silver bracelet with coral and turquoise stones.; Silver coin pendant; Silver ewer; Silver teapot; Silver-mounted conch shell trumpet; Sitar - Stringed Instrument; Six color mezzotint: 'Flowers 5'; Six color pochoir: "Handicraft"; Six color pochoir: "Open Hearth with Cat and Rainwear"; Six color pochoir: "Open Hearth with Pots"; Six color pochoir: "Open Hearth"; Slit Tapeatry Rug: Senna Kilim; Small bowl with lotus petal design; Small Brush Washer; Small ceramic bowl; Small jar; Small Satsuma plate with peacock and other birds.; Snuff bottle with stopper; Song bowl with white glaze; Spirit House and courtyard; Standing Buddha in royal attire; Standing soldier figure; Stone painting of Buddhist deity; Stone painting of Buddhist deity.; Stoneware dish with landscape; Stoneware pot; String instrument (Ehr-hu); Sumida chocolate pot with two tigers; Sumida crab container with a human figure on lid; Sumida dragon jar; Sumida elephant humidor with three monkeys; Sumida ewer with blossom; Sumida fish bowl with five figures; Sumida friendship mug with three handles; Sumida honey bucket with a girl and basket; Sumida honey bucket with figure; Sumida humidor with iris; Sumida humidor with three figures; Sumida jar; Sumida jar with controlled drip glaze; Sumida mug with a figure beating a drum.; Sumida mug with figure holding a smoking pot; Sumida mug with figure of a woman with shells in a pot.; Sumida mug with monkey figure; Sumida mug with tiger.; Sumida mug with white poppy.; Sumida pinch bottle with figure and carp; Sumida pinched vase with two figures.; Sumida pitcher with elephant; Sumida pitcher with human face.; Sumida pitcher with monkey handle; Sumida pitcher with three figures; Sumida pitcher with two figures; Sumida saki pot with blossoms and frogs; Sumida saki pot with dragon; Sumida serving bowl with three mice; Sumida squared vase with seated man; Sumida teapot with crab and man; Sumida teapot with three monkeys; Sumida teapot with two elephants; Sumida tripod incense burner; Sumida vase; Sumida vase resembling wood with white glaze; Sumida vase with a figure of a man.; Sumida vase with three monkeys; Sumida vase with two children swinging; Sumida vase with two elephants.; Swatow bowl; Sword and scabbard; Tamba jar; Tamba ware bottle; Tang tomb figure; Tapestry wall hanging of still life; Tea bowl; Tea bowl Balck Raku ware tea bowl, Shugakuin, Showa; Tea caddy Balck Raku ware tea bowl, Shugakuin, Showa; Tea ceremony bowl; Tea-dust glazed vase; Teadust-glazed bowl with lion handles; Teapot with lid; Temmoku food jar; Temple model executed in straw over wood.; Terra cotta food storage jar; Textile "Tax Cloth"; Thangka; Thangka of Avalokitesvara; Thangka of the Dharmapala Yamantaka; Thangka of Tsongkhapa; Thangka: Paradise of Sukhavati; Thin-necked sake bottle.; Three nested Imari bowls; Three-legged ritual vessel; Thumb piano (Kalimba); Traditional mask; Traditional woman's dress (kira); Trumpet (Kangling); Trumpet used as a ritual object (Kangling); Turquoise horse Balck Raku ware tea bowl, Shugakuin, Showa; Two metal containers with chains; Two octagonal dishes; Two sake bottles (Kutani); Underglazed blue pickle jar; Vase of mottled green over cream crackle with a matte finish; Vase with applied porcelain design; Vase with blue-green glaze; Vase with flambe glaze.; Vermeil tea caddy; Violet pillow cover; Wall hanging (Termeh); Warrior's hat; Water dropper - green frog; Water dropper - yellow dog; Water dropper - yellow frog; Water vessel (Yi); Wedding coat; White glazed jar Balck Raku ware tea bowl, Shugakuin, Showa; White jadeite bowl White jadeite bowl; White marble carving of seated Brahma; White raku bowl Balck Raku ware tea bowl, Shugakuin, Showa; Wide mouth terra cotta bowl; Wine container ( Zun); Woman's dress (Kushuthara Kira); Woman's hair ornament; Woman's robe of red brocade; Woman's shoulder ornaments; Woman's shoulder sash (Rachu); Woman's shoulder scarf (Rachu); Woman's traditional belt (kera); Woman's traditional dress (kira); Wooden book cover; Wooden miniature funeral chariot; Wooden saddle; Wooden Tray; Woven silk picture; Wu Tsai-ware polychrome jarlet.; Xylophone (Gangsa); Yamantaka (Conqueror of Death); Yellow Seto ware; Yi Hsing bombe shaped tea pot; Yi Hsing brush pot; Yi Hsing brushholder with prunus and bird.; Yi Hsing round teapot with lid; Yi Hsing tea pot with enamel bird; Yi Hsing teapot with engraved calligraphy; Yi Hsing teapot with lid; Yi Hsing vase; Yi Xing teapot; Yi-Hsing vase; Yixing ware teapot; Zen bowl; Zen ware bowl Balck Raku ware tea bowl, Shugakuin, Showa; Zither (Qin); Zither (Yang-chin); Zither (Zheng)


"Shoso of Kutani"; .; Ansei Uchima; Baison Kawasaki; Edited by Chen Zhenga; Goro Kumagai; Harunobu; Hayashi Chuzo (or Chushiro); Heian Kinsen; Henry Yuzuru Sugimoto; Hiroshi Yoshida; Hiroshige; Hokusai; Huang Fung-Chih; Ichiyusai Kuniyoshi; In the style of Kitagawa Utamaro; Ishiemon; Ishikowe Toyonobu; Iwao Sagawa; Juichi Saito; Junichior Sekino; Kakichi; Kasamatsu Shiro; Katsushika Hokusai; Keisuke Serisawa; Kenji Suzuki; Kihei Sasajima; Kimmiechi; Kinoshita Tomio; Kiryusai; Kitagawa Utamaro; Kitaoka Fumio; Koe Jung Kwak; Kyu-Baik Hwang; Lai Chin-cheng; Li Shan; Liang Han-Chao; Liang Tsai Ping; Liu Maoshan; Lu Chen; Madame Chiang Kai-Shek; Marissa Roth; Masanobu; Masayuki Nagare; Nobuo Satoh; Ohara Koson; Pen-li; Possibly Chin T'ing-piao; Published by Cultural Relics Publishing House; Rairaj Tangsrikratul (Pai-Tang); Rikio Takahashi; Shiko Munakata; Signed but not translated; Tajima Hiroyuki; Tosa Mitsuoki; Toshinobu Okumura; Toshusai Sharaku; Toyoharu Chikanobu; Toyokuni III; Wako Sasaki; Wang Tao; White Pagoda Monk; Yamamura Toyonari (Koka); Yamanaka; Yinsen Xu; Yosaimi Kidokoro; Yoshitora; Zhou Si-Cong