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Dan F. and Barbara J. Howard Collection of Comic Art

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Aarness, Barbara; Adams, Neal; Andru, Ross; Arno, Peter; Beck, C.C.; Bolton, John; Boring, Wayne; Buckler, Rich; Giordano, Dick; Calkins, Dick; Caniff, Milton; Crane, Roy; Dorgan, Thomas A.; Eisner, Will; Franzetta, Frank; Giraud, Jean; Giraud, Jean (Moebius); Godwin, Frank; Gould, Chester; Gray, Harold; Grindberg, Tom; Hale, Phil; Hampton, Scott; Herriman, George; Jones, Jeffrey Catherine; Kane, Bob; Kirby, Jack; Larson, Gary; Link, Stanley; Mager, Carl; McCay, Winsor; McManus, George; Moldoff, Sheldon; Mooney, Jim; Mullin, Willard; Murphy, John Cullen; Opper, Frederick B.; Orbik, Glen; Ordway, Jerry; Plastino, Al; Pratt, George; Raymond, Alex; Raymond, Alex; Briggs, Austin; Ross, Alex; Royer, Mike; Kirby, Jack; Schane, Tristan; Schomburg, Alex; Shuster, Joseph; Siedell, Daniel A (curator); (design+concept); Sienkiewicz, Bill; Sienkiewicz, Bill (cover); Sheldon Museum of Art; Simon, Joseph; Smith, Sidney; Swan, Douglas Curtis; Tuska, George; Ware, Chris; Webster, H.T.; Wilder, Herbert Merrill; Willard, Frank; Williams, J.R.; Williams, Kent; Wood, Wallace; Wrightson, Bernie; Yager, Rick; Calkins, Dick; Young, Chic; Zaboly, Bela; Zamora, Noly; Bicentennial Year Observance, Mid-America College Art Association 40th Annual Meeting; Superman; Batman and Deadman ("Brave and the Bold," #79, June 1968, pg. 4); Weird War Tales #98 (April 1981); Just Listen to the Good Will Court Next Sunday, That's All! (from "The New Yorker," December 5, 1936); Captain Marvel; Captain Marvel; Batman & Manbat; Batman & Manbat; Captain Marvel (title page); Captain Marvel (page 7); Captain Marvel (page 2, panels 1 and 2); Captain Marvel (page 14, panel 3); Superman & Captain Marvel, "Superman vs. Shazam"; Buck Rogers; Steve Canyon; Steve Canyon (June 6, 1957); Terry and the Pirates; Terry and the Pirates (October 21, 1945); ; Terry and the Pirates (September 7, 1937); ; Captain Easy; Wash Tubbs (July 12, 1932); Wash Tubbs (topper for "Captain Easy," June 12, 1932); For Better or Worse (August 18, 1923); "Ha-Ha- That's 50-50, I Got Mine and He Got His"; Skinny Bones; The Spirit: 60th Anniversary; The Spirit: 50th Anniversary; The Spirit (from 'Cosmos'); The Norseman; Arzach; Astro/Cosmonaut; Starwatcher VIII; Project Zurich; Rusty Riley; Dick Tracy (December 17, 1931); Dick Tracy (December 15, 1931); Dick Tracy; Dick Tracy (November 1, 1943); Dick Tracy (November 27, 1938); Little Orphan Annie (September 11, 1935); Little Orphan Annie; Little Orphan Annie; Little Orphan Annie; Little Orphan Annie (January 14, 1963); Little Orphan Annie (December 17, 1956); Batman (from "Detective Comics Annual," #4); Contemplation/Machine; Batman & Joker; "All "Talkie!!! "Dick," the Hurrier; Krazy Kat (July 10, 1921); Krazy Kat (October 11, 1934); Krazy Kat; Batman (from "Batman Black & White"); Portrait of Woman in White; In a Sheltered Corner; Batman & Robin; Stuntman; The Far Side; Tiny Tim ; Tiny Tim (November 3, 1935); Grafto the Monk; Don't Get Stage Fright!; Bringing Up Father (July 2, 1922); The Batman; Marvel Family; Captain Midnight; Batman, Robin & The Penguin; Sports Cartoon (from "Sporting News"); Prince Valiant; Gag Cartoon; Superman (from "Legends of the DC Universe," 1998); Superman (from "Adventures of Superman," #482, September 1991); Superman; Enemy Ace; Conan the Barbarian; Rip Kirby; Flash Gordon and Jungle Jim (August 7, 1938); Batman; Batman (from "Batman: War on Crime," November 1999); The Demon (Etrigan); Daredevil & Elektra; All Winners; Superman; ; Comic Art! ; X-Men; Moby Dick; Conan the Barbarian; Superman; Comics, Heroes, and American Visual Culture, A Symposium, 02.02.02 and 02.02.02; The Sandman ("Adventure Comics," #73, 1942, cover re-creation); The Gumps (with bottom strip, "Old Doc Yak," October 8, 1933); The Gumps; The Gumps (January 1, 1924); Superman (from "Action Comics," #435); Superman (March 12, 1958); Yellow Jacket; T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents; Announcing: A modest exhibition collecting the unerringly inexpressive original drawings, diagrams and comic stip experiments of the cartoonist and Nebraska ex-patriate Mr. F.C. Ware; Sheldon Memorial Art Gallery, Chris Ware Exhibition Feb.16-Apr.29; F.C. Ware Exhibition Guide, Sheldon Memorial Art Gallery , February 16th, 2007- April 29th, 2007; The Thrill that Comes Once in a Lifetime; The Day the Circus Train Wrecked at Wormwood Junction (from "Puck," April 28, 1910); Moon Mullins; Out Our Way - "Bundles"; Hawkman; Sandman; Sally Forth; Conan the Barbarian; Conan the Barbarian; Batman; Batman; Buck Rogers, #240; Blondie (March 13, 1964); Thimble Theatre ("Popeye", May 17, 1940); Weird War Tales; ink on paper; brush and ink on paper; charcoal and wash on monochrome pigment on paper; graphite on vellum paper; watercolor and ink on board; acrylic paint on paper;