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Presented by Kiyomi Deards, Bohyun Kim, and Erin Dorney, March 31st, 2011 at the ACRL 2011 Virtual Conference, Philadelphia, PA. Developed with assitance from Alison Miller, Manager, ipl2 Reference Services, Drexel University.

Copyright Kiyomi D. Deards, Erin Dorney, Bohyun Kim, and Alison Miller, March 2011.

The slides should be viewed in conjunction with the handout.


If you blog, tweet, use LinkedIn, Facebook, ALA Connect, or other social sites, you may have already begun building your personal brand. Learn about the recent trend of social media use and its role in developing and maintaining a personal brand and professional reputation. Find out how librarians utilize social media to develop an online presence and a support network and to participate in the conversation of librarianship.

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Slides (PDF)

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Slides (PowerPoint format)