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Journal of Agricultural & Food Information 13 (2012), pp. 213–239; doi: 10.1080/10496505.2012.692238


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The Ogallala Aquifer is a key water resource for several U. S. states. TransCanada, a Canadian company, proposes to construct the Keystone XL pipeline to transport tar sands crude oil from Alberta to refineries in Texas; one proposed route would bury the pipeline in the Aquifer, raising water quality and environmental concerns. A rich inventory of information about the Aquifer predates the current controversy. This article presents a key subset of an extensive, ongoing bibliography: 128 citations to gray literature about the Ogallala Aquifer in Nebraska, which are inaccessible online and/or held in only a few libraries. The authors present several examples to illustrate the relevance of this gray literature to current events, comment on difficulties encountered during the bibliographic harvest and the identification of this subset, and reiterate the need for planned preservation through digitization of historical (print) gray literature.