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Wichita State University Electronic vs. Print Survey: Analysis of Question 1-5

Judith A. Wolfe, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Cathy Moore-Jansen, Wichita State University

Document Type Article


A 2003 survey of Wichita (Kansas) State University (WSU) faculty, staff, and students, indicates that the university community is far from a consensus on concerning the user preference of print versus electronic journals. The survey was made available via the Web to the entire campus, provides an in-depth look at the importance of materials in different formats. The survey solicited input from the University’s community on the relative importance of print and electronic access to journals and other resources as well as information about how electronic resources were accessed. The survey responses were used to guide the Librarians in the planning and the decisions process during the review of electronic and print resources. The data also was used to assist the librarians in planning for the 2003 journals cancellation project and future resources and services.