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DeeAnn Allison

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portal: Libraries and the Academy, Volume 15, Number 1, January 2015, pp. 29-40 (Article); DOI: 10.1353/pla.2015.0001


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University and college libraries often seek ways to demonstrate their impact for the academic community. This article reports the results from a two-year study that analyzed library use as demonstrated through checkouts and off-campus access to full-text resources against grade point averages (GPAs) of undergraduates and graduates at a large Midwestern library. The study found that undergraduates with a GPA above the mean university GPA used the library more than those with a GPA below the mean. There was a correlation between greater use of the library and increases in GPA between the two years—that is, as one grew, so did the other. The study also showed that students who checked out materials in one year returned for additional checkouts.