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Winter 2015


ASP Newsletter (winter 2014-2015) 37(1): 3-5.


Copyright 2015, the author. Used by permission.


Response to ASP President, David S. Lindsay, regarding his editorial in volume 36, numbers 3-4, of the ASP Newsletter, titled “Self-archiving of publications from the Journal of Parasitology.” Concludes that the Society's contract with Allen Press will expire at some point and, in the interim, there is an opportunity renegotiate with them thoughtfully, or to look for a better outlet for the time-honored Journal of Parasitology. There are many publishing ventures arising from universities themselves, in libraries and academic departments, on viable and stable electronic platforms, that require very little overhead to administer. If even a fraction of the current article processing charges were pooled, the Journal could continue to be published not-for-profit, with the option to again allow authors to retain all rights to share work freely. See examples from the University of Pittsburgh, the University of Massachusetts Amherst, and Duke University School of Law as three excellent beacons.