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Dawes, L and Maxey-Harris, C. African Poetry Book Fund-African Poetry Library Manual: How to manage and set up the library. Unpublished Manual. 2014


The African Poetry Library Initiative, an initiative of the African

Poetry Book Fund, is a collaborative venture to establish

accessible and user-friendly small poetry libraries on the African

continent to support aspiring and established poets and to give

them access to contemporary poetry in books and journals, and

to serve as a resource for poets interested in publication in Africa

and around the world. The initiative will be guided by

collaboration between US and UK publishers of poetry, literary

arts organizations, poet’s libraries and literary journals and

African libraries, writers co-ops or cultural centers, and poets and

will be coordinated by the African Poetry Book Fund and the

University of Nebraska-Lincoln Libraries. This manual provides directions for the libraries to help in the setting up and management of the library