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User Satisfaction With Library Services At The College of Agriculture Education, University Of Education, Winneba.

Theophilus Fiawotoafor Mr., University of Education, Winneba

Document Type Article



The study was done to assess how satisfied users were with the library collections and services offered by the College of Agriculture Education Library of University of Education, Winneba. Descriptive survey method was adopted for the study which comprised 180 users of the Library. The questionnaire was the instrument used for data collection.

The results showed that majority of the respondents visited the Library in order to study and the most popular library materials used by the respondents were books. The findings also revealed that majority of the respondents were not satisfied with the library collection and that the library environment was not quiet for reading.

Nevertheless, majority of the respondents expressed satisfaction with the quality of services provided by the library staff.

Furthermore, the greatest challenge encountered by the respondents in using the library was dated and limited copies of available books.

Recommendations were then made to improve the situation.