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Ducey, M. E., Graham, B., and Thoergersen, J. (2017). Launching a web archives program at a public university. F. Baudino, K. Hart, & C. Johnson (Eds.). Brick & Click Libraries: An Academic Library Conference Proceedings. Retrieved from


Originally published in Education Resources Information Center (ERIC) -- an online digital library of education research and information.


Many organizations and institutions rely heavily on a web presence to disseminate information and to manage programs and policies. This tendency leaves library and archive professionals with a challenge: how best to capture and preserve web-based information and resources. Over the last few years, the proactive collection and management of web archives has gained traction across all types of libraries and archival repositories. This paper offers a synopsis of actions and initiatives conducted by a small team dedicated to creating a sustainable web archives program at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Libraries. The authors discuss (1) how the project team formed and the complementary skill sets of the group; (2) the details of the project, including the project scope, objectives, and timeline; (3) the identification and selection process for web resources; (4) the approach for testing and implementing a web capture tool, using Archive-It as an example; and (5) ongoing efforts and challenges for web archives at the university. The writeup is geared towards a broad audience of information professionals in cultural heritage institutions that are interested in project management in libraries and web archives in general.