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Graham, B. (2019). The Complete Guide to Personal Digital Archiving. Archival Issues 39(2), 62-64.


Preprint version.


As one of the more recent professional publications on PDA, The Complete Guide to Personal Digital Archiving provides practitioners in libraries and archives with a collection of thoughtful essays on common practices, case studies and instructional programs, and ethical implications related to the management and preservation of personal data. The book’s editor, Brianna Marshall, is a bright information professional quickly rising in the ranks of the library and archives community. Since earning an MLS from Indiana University Bloomington in 2014, Marshall has held a leadership position in data curation and research services at the University of Wisconsin-Madison Libraries, and recently transitioned to the University of California, Riverside Library to become the Director of Research Services. She has presented extensively at national and international conferences on research data management, literacy, and services, and this volume is her first major publication initiative. The book is divided into four parts that serve as an anecdotal guide to becoming more comfortable with building instructional programs to empower and enable communities to document and preserve their lived experiences. Each of the four parts is subdivided into chapters authored by 23 contributors. The backgrounds of contributors range from doctoral students and early-career professionals to more experienced coordinators and administrators, many of whom work in an academic setting.