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Published in Library Collections, Acquisitions, and Technical Services 30:1-2 (March-June 2006), pp. 47-54; doi 10.1016/j.lcats.2006.07.020 Copyright © 2006 Elsevier Inc. Used by permission.


In a previous discussion [Bernholz, C. D., & Holcombe, S. L. (2005). The Charles J. Kappler Indian Affairs: Laws and Treaties Internet site at the Oklahoma State University [The url for this resource is] Library Collections, Acquisitions, and Technical Services, 29, 82-89], an electronic collation of documents created by American Indians tribes and the federal government was presented as an effective collection development resource. That digital work provides the final text of 366 of the 375 American Indian treaties recognized by the United States Department of State. This research note describes an electronic suite that supplies access to the texts of the remaining nine treaties, so that its use – in combination with the Oklahoma State University materials – will furnish an avenue to all of these historical instruments. Research examples, for this document set and in comparison to the Kappler collation, are provided.