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March 1972


Published in Aging and Human Development 3 (1972), pp. 77-81. Published by Greenwood Press. An earlier version of this paper was presented under the title, "Stereopis and Age" at the Gerontological Society Meeting, October 1970, Toronto, Canada.


Binocular depth perception was investigated in 164 healthy Ss of the Normative Aging Study, in connection with a model of ocular aging which explains change in the dioptric media in the forties on the basis of mechanical change and later change in the retina on the basis of metabolic change. A modified Verhoeff stereopter was used. The results showed a marked diminution to make stereoptic judgments occurred in the forties decade. This is in accordance with the model. In a companion paper, retinal field shrinkage will be explored as an illustration of later metabolic age change.