Libraries at University of Nebraska-Lincoln


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The C. Y. Thompson (CYT) Library enjoys a location central to east campus. This creates an ideal setting for CYT to serve as a hub for activities of all kinds. And, based upon the feedback from online surveys and face-to-face focus groups, there is no shortage of interest and ideas for how CYT can become the premier gathering place on UNL’s east campus for users from all backgrounds. In spite of this, the primary question needing to be addressed is ‘what is C. Y. Thompson’? Is it a building? Is it a library? Is it something entirely different? The task force members believe that CYT is a brand currently represented by a building. And, as such, the library should represent an important (but smaller) footprint within the building itself. University Libraries faculty and staff support this concept and embrace this change. They recognize that the value of the library is not in the static display of books, but in the connection between the information contained within the collections and users. And, they see great value in investing in CYT to create an inviting space that draws the maximum number of users representing the broadest interests. CYT is supremely positioned to serve as a third space for users. Not a user’s home or office, the task force envisions a vibrant gathering space where users feel creative ideas are planted, thoughts are openly discussed, and entrepreneurs are encouraged to pursue their interests. A place where stories of former Huskers are archived, and future stories are waiting to be written. A place where members of the university faculty, staff, undergraduate and graduate students, residents of local neighborhoods and citizens of Nebraska are welcome, and experience a connection with their land grant university. With this context in mind, the task force provides the following broad recommendations. More specific details for each of the five areas Library, Technology, Exterior Scape, Educational Space, and Community Space are located in the remainder of this report.