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The 2020 Strategic Planning Team: Kelly Connor, Karin Dalziel, Lorna Dawes, Zach Eden, Regina Flowers, Ana Gomez, Lori Harvey, Andrew Jewell (chair), Charlene Maxey-Harris, Tom McFarland, Catherine Fraser Riehle, Claire Stewart

The goal of this plan is to push the University Libraries forward toward a more fully realized achievement of its mission, to enact our commitment to ethical and equitable practices and policies, and to ambitiously grow as a 21st century academic library. This plan is not inclusive of everything that we do; there are many valuable activities and services that are not mentioned, and that is not meant to minimize the importance of those activities. Instead, this plan puts focus on the areas we feel should be the highest priority for increased attention and investment in the near term, areas where we want to see specific development. ...

At the core of our campus and library is inclusive excellence. As defined by UNL, this commitment means that "[w]e believe in fully embracing diversity in all forms seen and unseen, making inclusion a top priority, promoting equity across our policies and practices, and ultimately ensuring that excellence is inclusive." Our ambition is to make this commitment present in each of our objectives and in everything we do at the University Libraries.