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David C. Tyler

Date of this Version



Fall Semester, 2009
Report prepared by David C. Tyler
Data compiled by Mary Lou Epp, Anita Kreps, Joyce Melvin, Sue Leach


The activity of the included five years’ worth of receipts was analyzed for both degree of idleness and extent of use. Analyses were conducted upon the collection of receipts as a whole and upon the collection disaggregated into broad subject categories and into Library of Congress (LC) subclasses. When reading the report to follow, one should keep in mind that statistics may sometimes mask as much as they reveal, especially when one is dealing with non-discrete category data. For example, several LC subclasses (e.g., HC = Economic Theory and Demography) cover multiple topical areas, so analysis at the LC subclass level may hide activity at the narrower sub-topical level. Therefore, analyses for such subclasses should be taken as being broadly accurate, but additional in-depth analysis may be necessary to obtain a truly accurate assessment of the activity in such subclasses.

The sections of the report to follow will provide more in-depth analyses of the broad disciplinary categories that comprise the collection (i.e., “General Literature,” “Arts & Humanities,” “Social Sciences,” and “Science & Technology”) and of the more noteworthy LC subclasses within them.