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PytlikZillig, L. M. (2018). LNK Market Community Conversations. Lincoln, NE: University of Nebraska Public Policy Center.


This report details the procedures and results from two public engagements conducted around the possibility of a year-round public market that might be situated in or near Lincoln’s downtown area. The purpose of these engagements was to uncover and explore the range of responses, hopes, concerns, and perceived benefits, barriers, and facilitators of a year-round Lincoln market.

A multi-pronged approach was used in which recruitment survey responses from about 135 persons was combined with pre-post surveys and in-depth conversations with 60 persons as shown in Figure 1.1.

The final report includes all three strands of information: from the recruitment surveys, pre/post surveys, and from the in-depth conversations. Because the “broader public” is likely to include mostly everyday people without particular expertise related to food and produce, many of the results presented in this report are separated by types or levels of expertise.