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Published by University of Nebraska – Lincoln’s Livestock Environmental Issues Committee.


Land Area Available in Cuming County to Expand Livestock Operations based on Zoning Setback Requirement

A GIS was used to study the spatial impact that 1/4, 3/8, 1/2, 3/4, and 1 mile setbacks have on the area available to the livestock industry in Cuming County, Nebraska. A geographic information system was used to analyze the amount of land available under the current zoning requirements in Cuming county, Nebraska. The colored area of these maps represent the land areas that are excluded from livestock construction or expansion. These maps graphically represent the impact zoning setbacks have on the actual available land for the livestock industry to expand in Cuming county. These setbacks seem to be typical of distances cited in many county zoning regulations. Setback distances greater than 3/8 of a mile appear to be very exclusive. Reciprocal setbacks that apply to new housing construction do not appear to be restrictive. It is expected that other Nebraska counties that are similar in population density will have similar resulting land areas available for livestock expansion depending on the setback distance. Setbacks of greater than 1/4 of a mile may substantially retard growth of the livestock industry in a county.