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Published by University of Nebraska – Lincoln’s Livestock Environmental Issues Committee.


Rural Development Through Pork Production: The Nebraska Model

Nebraska’s producers of pork are striving to create systems of production that are environmentally, economically & socially acceptable.
This is no small challenge. While attempting to comply with environmental rules, producers are faced with the rules changing as they implement adoption. Social acceptance varies with locale but is generally less positive than in the past. And, Fewer operations have livestock and fewer people in the rural population rely on livestock for their livelihoods—which makes any livestock production operation less acceptable.
The issues facing all agricultural producers today are more complex and difficult than in the past. Producers of pork face changes in consumer preference that impact the genetics they apply, the animal safety practices they employ and the animal welfare standards they use. Beyond that, as a part of the American agriculture system, they face issues involving a changing agricultural structure, globalization and regulation that are interwoven into our society.