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Report # MATC-UNL: 104 Final Report 25-1121-0001-104


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The severity of truck crashes is a concern in the state of Nebraska. This study was undertaken to investigate factors associated with truck crash severity. A two-year dataset obtained from the Nebraska Department of Roads (NDOR) was analyzed to determine those factors. Results indicated that the involvement of alcohol was associated with more severe injuries in truck crashes on Nebraska highways. Crashes involving farm equipment were more injurious than other truck crashes. Dawn and dusk were critical periods associated with more severe truck crashes. Further, the absence of medians contributed to truck crash severity. Crashes on adverse pavement conditions such as snow, ice, and slush were less severe in comparison to crashes on pavements of different conditions. Crashes reported on local roads were less severe compared to those reported on other highways. The researchers recommend strengthening the ongoing focus on reducing the occurrence of driving under the influence of alcohol, as well as an in-depth investigation of truck crashes involving farm equipment. The researchers also recommend provision of medians on roadways, where possible.