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Report SPR-P1 (08) P311 Final Report 26-1120-0038-001


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The NU I-Girder series uses a unique cross-section and high-strength concrete to achieve longer spans. The objective of this project was to develop the quality control and design criteria required to introduce 0.7 inch strands at 2 in. spacing in NU I-Girders. Compared to 0.5 inch strands, only 1/2 of the total number of strands would be needed. This would result in immediate labor savings in precast concrete product costs. More importantly, having the ability to introduce almost twice the prestressing force, compared to 0.5 inch strands, and 135% of the prestressing force, compared to 0.6 inch strands, could result in a significant increase in the span capacity of the current Nebraska Department of Roads (NDOR) NU I Girder without having to modify the sections or acquire new forms.