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Report # MATC-MST: 441 Final Report 25-1121-0001-441


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This study focused on the use of nanotechnology in concrete to improve the wearing resistance of concrete. The nano materials used were polymer cross-linked aerogels, carbon nanotubes, and nano-SiO2, nano-CaCO3, and nano-Al2O3 particles. As an indirect measurement of the concrete wearing resistance, the tensile and compressive properties and the permeability of concrete were evaluated for various mix designs. The optimal amount of nano material additives were determined following the American Society of Testing Methods (ASTM) standard test methodologies. The test results from the materials were compared for their mechanical behaviors. This type of technology may potentially improve the comfort level of passengers, the safety of highway operations, and the efficiency of fuel consumptions. It may also reduce the emission of CO2 associated with the poor condition of roadways.