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Despite the difficulties of the American economy in recent years the transportation sector continues to expand. Freight transportation alone has been projected to increase enormously even if the economy as a whole only manages a very moderate growth. Not only does freight transportation use a large percentage of resources but it contributes significantly to America’s share of carbon emissions and affects the safety of the transportation system and all its users. These problems are only expected to increase as the volume of freight transportation is already reaching the limit of the American transportation infrastructure’s capacity and demand continues to increase. The primary objective of this research was to compile a list of technologies and practices that should be included in the sustainable freight transportation frameworks of government agencies and commercial fleets to reduce their carbon footprint and increase their safety by providing recommendations on promising legislation, research, technologies, and practices. Data was gathered through a literature review of available materials and a survey of the state Departments of Transportation. The success of this research project provides the needed knowledge for the development of a sustainable freight transportation framework.