Math in the Middle Institute Partnership



While this topic of “Perfect Numbers” was completely new to me (at least to the degree at which it is discussed within this paper,) I found it very intriguing and believe there is still much information and mathematical discovery in it for me. There were many historical points of interest, and I found it difficult to whittle them down to a manageable size for the intent of this paper. Likewise, there were many facts and peculiarities I found interesting and certainly worthy of consideration. However, to maintain anything close to a reasonable length of discussion as outlined in the guidelines for writing this paper, I found these things were best left out. A few of the ideas or facts that I found interesting are listed below. Also, I found I was left with some questions or ideas of my own that I simply did not have time at this point to explore. I’ve listed those as well as a reminder to myself of things I hope to return to at a later time.