Math in the Middle Institute Partnership


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Math in the Middle Institute Partnership, Action Research Project Report, in partial fulfillment of the MA Degree. Department of Education. University of Nebraska-Lincoln. July 2007.


In this action research study of my fifth grade mathematics teaching, I investigated student engagement levels in the classroom, with a specific interest in the importance and effectiveness of mnemonics in learning mathematics for all learners. I defined mnemonic instruction as a strategy that provides a visual or verbal prompt for students who may have difficulty retaining information. It is a memory enhancing instructional strategy that involved teaching students to link new information that is taught to information they already know. I investigated mnemonics effectiveness in my classroom by using two student interviews, a teacher survey, two student surveys and student and teacher journals. I discovered that mnemonics works for some of my students and has become a useful tool in my classroom. As a result of this research, I plan to continue to use mnemonics not only in my mathematics class, but also in the teaching of other subject areas.