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University of Nebraska-Lincoln Spring 2017 Research Fair, Graduate Student Poster Session, April 5, 2017.


Copyright © 2017 Edwin Peng, Alfred Tsubaki, Craig Zuhlke, Ryan Bell, Meiyu Wang, Dennis R. Alexander, George Gogos, & Jeffrey E. Shield


Surface Functionalization Technique • Femtosecond Laser Surface Processing (FLSP) • Utilize high power, femtosecond (10-15 s) laser pulses • Produce self-organized, multiscale surface micro/nanostructures • Diverse range of applicable substrates: semiconductors, metals, polymers, & composites

Why? • What are the different types of FLSP structures on Ti? • Physical evidence needed for FLSP formation models • Optimize FLSP of Ti for biomedical & other applications

How? • Obtain evidence of mound growth processes by examining underlying microstructure • Utilize dual beam Scanning Electron Microscope-Focused Ion Beam instrument to cross section surface structures & fabricate transmission electron microscopy samples