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Fabrication and Characterization of Boron Carbide / n-Silicon Carbide Heterojunction Diodes

Shireen Adenwalla, University of Nebraska - Lincoln
P. Welsch, University of Nebraska - Lincoln
Jennifer I. Brand, University of Nebraska - Lincoln
A. Sezer, University of Nebraska - Lincoln

Document Type Article


The fabrication, initial structural characterization and diode measurements are reported for the first boron carbide / silicon carbide heterojunction diode. Current-voltage curves obtained for operation at temperatures from 24 &#;C to 388 &#;C. PECVD-deposited undoped boron carbide material is highly crystalline and consists of a variety of polytypes of B-C with crystal sizes as large as 110 nm. Crystal phases are similar to those for PECVD B-C on Si but only partially match known boron and boron-rich B-C phases.