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Scientific Reports | 7: 850 | DOI:10.1038/s41598-017-00892-4.


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Based on the acousto-optic interaction, we propose a laser deflection method for rapidly, non-invasively and quantitatively measuring the peak positive pressure of HIFU fields. In the characterization of HIFU fields, the effect of nonlinear propagation is considered. The relation between the laser deflection length and the peak positive pressure is derived. Then the laser deflection method is assessed by comparing it with the hydrophone method. The experimental results show that the peak positive pressure measured by laser deflection method is little higher than that obtained by the hydrophone, confirming that they are in reasonable agreement. Considering that the peak pressure measured by hydrophones is always underestimated, the laser deflection method is assumed to be more accurate than the hydrophone method due to the absence of the errors in hydrophone spatial-averaging measurement and the influence of waveform distortion on hydrophone corrections. Moreover, noting that the Lorentz formula still remains applicable to high-pressure environments, the laser deflection method exhibits a great potential for measuring HIFU field under high-pressure amplitude. Additionally, the laser deflection method provides a rapid way for measuring the peak positive pressure, without the scan time, which is required by the hydrophones.