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Procedia Engineering 173 (2017), pp. 1314 - 1321, doi: 10.10 16/j.proeng.2016.12.l69.


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In this study, crushing behavior of corrugated metal-composite tube was examined experimentally under axial loading condition. Six types of specimens, classified into two groups of metal and metal-composite, were tested under quasi static axial loading. The failure mechanism and failure history of the specimens were presented and discussed. The experimental result showed that corrugated metal composite tubes demonstrate perfect energy absorption characteristics in terms of uniformity of load-displacement diagram, reduction of initial peak load and controlling failure mechanism. Moreover, it was also found that adding filament wound layer of composite on the surface of metallic corrugated tube compensated weakness of corrugated metal tubes, which is low energy absorption capacity. Metal-composite corrugated showed high energy absorption capacity as well as preferable crushing characteristic under the axial loading.