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Ronald K. Faller

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United States Patent NO.: US 7,410,320 B2; Faller et al.; Date of Patent: Aug. 12, 2008


A high-impact, energy-absorbing vehicle barrier system generally includes a substantially rigid outer containment wall coupled via strap assemblies with an energy-absorbing inner impact wall, and energy-absorbing cartridges strategically positioned between the impact wall and containment wall. The impact wall is constructed of a number of tubes coupled with one another to present a substantially smooth, unifonn surface to passing vehicles. The energy-absorbing cartridges generally consist of a foam member or a number of foam sheets which compress and crush between the containment wall and impact wall to absorb energy from an errant vehicle striking the face of the impact wall, while the deflection and deformation of the impact wall tubes dissipates additional energy to reduce peak decelerations and mitigate the severity of high-energy vehicular impacts. Internal splice units and the strap assemblies provide for relatively easy and quick replacement of damaged impact wall sections and energyabsorbing cartridges