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United States Patent US 9,724,833 B1 Aug. 8,2017


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A grapser can include a first pantograph cell and a second pantograph cell coupled with the first pantogrpah cell. The first and second pantograph cells can be coupled together at a first pivot and a second pivot. The grasper can also include a finger extendable in a direction extending between the first pivot and the second pivot. The grasper can include a support base, where one or more links of the first pantograph cell can be slidably coupled with the support base for extending the grasper. In some embodiment, the grasper can be configured to extend along a curved path. In some embodimetns, the finger can be biased in a direction away from an object to be grasped by the gasper, and also biased in a direction toward an object to be grasped by the gasper when the grasper is extended.