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United States Patent No.: US 6,572,937 B2 Jun. 3, 2003


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Fluorinated, diamond-like carbon (F-DLC) films are produced by a pulsed, glow-discharge plasma immersion ion processing procedure. The pulsed, glow-discharge plasma was generated at a pressure of 1 Pa from an acetylene (CH) and hexafluoroethane (CF) gas mixture, and the fluorinated, diamond-like carbon films were deposited on silicon <100>Substrates. The film hardness and wear resistance were found to be strongly dependent on the fluorine content incorporated into the coatings. The hardness of the F-DLC films was found to decrease considerably when the fluorine content in the coatings reached about 20%. The contact angle of water on the F-DLC coatings was found to increase with increasing film fluorine content and to Saturate at a level characteristic of polytetrafluoroethylene.