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Patent No.: US 10,267,567 B1


Appl. No.: 14/595,516


A monolithic heat-transfer device can include a container wall configured to retain a working fluid, where the container wall is formed of a single material. The container wall also includes an interior surface configured to be in fluid communication with the working fluid. The monolithic heat-transfer device also includes a channel disposed in the interior surface of the container wall, where the channel comprises a microstructure and a nanostructure. The microstructure and the nanostructure are materially contiguous with the single material forming the container wall. In some embodiments, the nanostructure comprises one or more layers of nanoparticles. The monolithic heat-transfer device can be configured as a heat pipe, which can be constructed from the container wall and a second container wall joined together and sealed to one another to contain the working fluid (e.g., using laser welding, electron beam welding (EBW), and so forth).