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Yin Du

Jian Wang

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Yin Du , Qing Zhou , Qian Jia , Yidi Shi , Haifeng Wang & Jian Wang (2020) Imparities of shear avalanches dynamic evolution in a metallic glass, Materials Research Letters, 8:10, 357-363, DOI: 10.1080/21663831.2020.1771450


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The imparities of shear avalanches dynamic evolution under nanoindentation originating from the soft regions and the stiff matrix were explored in a metallic glass by statistical and dynamic analysis. Upon the continuous indentation process, the dynamic state of the stiff matrix exhibits a transition from a chaotic behavior to a self-organized critical (SOC) behavior, whereas the soft regions are domi-nated by the SOC behavior throughout the indentation process. The mechanism was clarified by the evolution of the cut-off size of shear avalanches. These findings might advance our fundamental understanding of inhomogeneous deformation on microscale.

IMPACT STATEMENT The shear avalanches dynamic evolution controlled by the atomic-scale rearrangement mechanism in metallic glasses strongly relies on the structural state and the history of deformation.